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**NB: These will ship by 14th Dec at the latest, whilst I will try my best, I cannot guarantee that they will arrive before Christmas.**

Are you sick of being told to ‘let go’ but having no idea what that actually means?! If it were so simple surely you would have done it already and yet the same old patterns keep repeating themselves, which leaves you feeling trapped and helpless.

Release is all about acceptance and surrendering what is no longer serving. I’m talking about creating space – space that the life you want can fall into. Space that without which there is nowhere for the things and the feelings you want to go, because it’s already full.

The workbooks and exercises in this box are going to help you get more comfortable with getting uncomfortable and will bring up the emotions that you are perhaps less comfortable with – anger, shame, grief and all the shadowy, gunky things that it’s time to let go of.

I’m not going to lie to you, bits of the process are not fun – but it will be worth it I promise and to sweeten the process I’ve gifted you with some shiny treasures. This box will take you from being just a misfit, to being a maven and owning all of who you are and letting go of what no longer serves you once and for all!

Seriously though, it’s time to move away from blame to accountability and from judgement to discernment and acceptance. There is a lot of powerful work to do, and when you’re done there is a beautiful ritual for you to release and invite all of the loveliness you want to come into the space you have created.

Get ready to feel freer, unburdened, and ready to step into the life you desire.

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