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Mini Meditation Bundle


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**NB: These will ship by 14th Dec at the latest, whilst I will try my best, I cannot guarantee that they will arrive before Christmas.**

We all know meditation is THE practice that when done consistently, can transform your life at almost every level. As Gabrielle Bernstein says, if there’s a teacher, guru, author, or expert you admire for their presence, positivity, manifestation superpowers, or just general badassery…you can pretty much bet they’re a meditator.

You know this. We all know this.

But what if you’ve tried meditating and didn’t feel like it was right for you?

Or you can’t figure out how to make it a consistent part of your everyday life?

Maybe you already are a meditator but your practice has started to feel stale and disconnected.

These mini meditation bundles will help you bring purpose and powerful transformation to your meditation practice.

You’ll get instant access to four guided meditations, as well as a beautiful candle and four altar cards sent to you in the post.

Focus Meditation: Bringing your focus inwards to bring you home, to you away from the noise of the outside world so that you can have clarity and intention.

Compassion Meditation: A meditation that helps you build loving kindness for yourselves and others. If you’ve completely forgotten what love feels like, you’ll be able to centre yourself back in that feeling and once you’ve created that feeling inside, you’ll start to feel it reflected back at you on the outside.

Invite Meditation: Go on a vision quest to get complete clarity around your desires so that you can know them intimately, embody the feelings you need to attract them into your life, and put yourself into a place of pure surrender.

Acceptance Meditation: Release is all about acceptance and surrendering what is no longer serving. We talk about “letting go” so often but it’s easier said than done and this will guide you through the process of relinquishing anything you no longer want to hold onto. And if you’re holding onto any tension in your body, this meditation will help you release it.

All of these meditations will bring you home to the truth of who you are and what it feels like to be you right now, in this body.

Are you ready to take this meditation business seriously, already?

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