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Metta Box

Metta Box


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When we don’t live from a place of true compassion for ourselves and others we end up burdened by feelings of judgement, anger, resentment, and self-loathing. Sound familiar?

Enter The Metta Box.

Metta is the heartfelt wish for the wellbeing of oneself and others; it’s the cultivation of our capacity for loving kindness and there’s no need to fake it. This is all about authenticity. There is no need to feel loving or kind during metta practice. Rather, we meditate on our intentions, however weak or strong they may be.

But as we focus on these intentions, our capacity to feel it grows and then the world opens up in some truly amazing ways.

When you truly feel compassion to yourself and others, you can give everyone a break. You can lean into that feeling of fulfilment that comes from truly connecting with others. And you’ll gain a genuine appreciation for yourself.

Imagine the extra energy, joy, and playfulness you’d gain if you weren’t constantly wrapped up in judging yourself and others?
That’s what we’ll be cultivating with The Metta Box.

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