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**NB: These will ship by 14th Dec at the latest, whilst I will try my best, I cannot guarantee that they will arrive before Christmas.**

If you’ve heard of manifesting but aren’t actually sure what it is and would like a step-by-step breakdown or if you’ve dipped your toes in the manifesting pond but are struggling to find the time or make it work for you.

We all get that the first part of manifesting is figuring out what you want but when is the last time you created the time and space to get clear on your deepest desires?

A lot of this is creating the time and the conditions to create a vision, clear away the blocks, and using some playful magic to put that out into the world.

By purchasing The Manifest Box you’ll be making a commitment to yourself and gaining a step by step process that honours the details of manifesting and the power of putting pen to paper.

Manifesting starts with a vision but it’s not so simple as making a wish and then lying back on the sofa watching Netflix while waiting for your dream life to knock on the door.

Everything in this box is here to help you create the perfect conditions for inviting in the life that you desire. There’s an audio with a guided meditation and visualisation process that will help you create your very own ‘movie’ exploring the sights, feelings, scents and sounds of the life you want for yourself.

There’s a guide to setting your space and scheduling in sacred time dedicated to the creation of your intentional and out of the box life!  Make a commitment to honour these dates with yourself over this next quarter, work through the workbooks and watch as you live on purpose with intention, one action and one belief at a time.

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