The 4-Box Set
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The 4-Box Set


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**NB: These will ship by 14th Dec at the latest, whilst I will try my best, I cannot guarantee that they will arrive before Christmas.**

Each box leads naturally into each other, so buying the set makes sure you get the most out of your purchase.

Through the tools and exercises in The Dharma Box you will get really clear on your purpose by uncovering your unique value filter. Your value filter, is a concept – a filter of your core values – through which to view the world, so that you can be sure you’re making decisions and living in line with your values.

Understanding your value filter allows you to make decisions with ease, feel happy and successful in the present moment (rather than postponing it until some future occurrence), and it brings a sense of purpose and direction to your life.

Imagine the extra energy, joy, and playfulness you’d gain if you weren’t constantly wrapped up in judging yourself and others?

That’s what we’ll be cultivating next with The Metta Box.

The Release Box is all about acceptance and surrendering what is no longer serving. I’m talking about creating space – space that the life you want can fall into. Space that without which there is nowhere for the things and the feelings you want to go, because it’s already full.

The workbooks and exercises in this box are going to help you get more comfortable with getting uncomfortable and will bring up the emotions that you are perhaps less comfortable with – anger, shame, grief and all the shadowy, gunky things that it’s time to let go of.

Once you’ve released it all, you’ll have created space for your deepest desires and the life you truly want.

That’s where The Manifest Box comes in.

Manifesting starts with a vision but it’s not so simple as making a wish and then lying back on the sofa watching Netflix while waiting for your dream life to knock on the door. Everything in this box is here to help you create the perfect conditions for inviting in the life that you desire.

We’ll create a clear vision, work through anything that’s blocking you or holding you back, cultivate consistency, and perform a powerful ritual for calling it all to you.

You’ll receive beautiful physical products as well as digital ones, including a workbook, guided audio instructions, videos, and a meditation for each theme.

These boxes create the framework for powerful change and once you’ve learned the tools, they’re yours to keep and use whenever you need them. But rather than another PDF that you download and never look at, Out of the Box gives you the tangible tools to create a real life experience and implement everything you learn.

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